Just when you think POTUS cannot spiral lower he proves he has no limit. Turn an ally over to be destroyed at the request of a strongman? Check. Try a photo op with unwitting, still grieving parents? Check. Attempt to further line your own pocket by hosting the G7 at your property? Check.

At least the GOP finally grew a pair and spoke up this past week. It appears the G7 will be held elsewhere. For now.

I wouldn't be surprised if this guy waits another week for further death/destruction in Northeast Syria, then sends in a battalion of troops to fix this mess he made then claim to deserve the Noble Peace Prize he so intensely seeks.

Through all of this, his rabidly loyal disciples continue to ignore the lies, trickery and self-serving deals going on daily. His kids continue to go off on family business junkets, at taxpayer expense, no prob. Yet, Biden's kid committed an abominable crime sitting on a board of directors. Obama needs to be investigated for a book deal made after he left office. Huh?

Yep, when things get tight, change the subject. Run off to a praise-and-adore-DJT Nuremburg-type rally. There he can hug the flag he avoided fighting for himself (crippling bone spurs and all), skewer those who disagree with him, insult long-time allies and praise his best buds, Erdogan, Putin, Xi and Kim.


Dean Cook