If you listen to the Democrat party presidential candidates, you might think the federal government will be Santa Claus if they get in office.

The list of "free" things promised by these grifters is massive. Free college and pay off student loans, free healthcare, free this, free that. The list is too long to follow.

All paid for by taking money from a magic money tree they call "taxing the rich."

Of course, anyone with an elementary school education and a tiny amount of critical thinking will quickly determine that the math for that plan is massively and laughably fictional. This is one reason these politicians peddle this nonsense to school children under the guise of socialism. Adults with actual functioning brains quickly see through it.

All of these plans call for a vast growth in the size and reach of the federal government.

So what, you say?

Well, if any have any misapprehension about how a vast federal bureaucracy works for you, let me give you a bit of information to help clear that up. The six counties in Maryland and Virginia that surround Washington DC have an averaged annual household income of $101,000 per year. They are in the top 5% of counties in the U.S.

To put that in perspective, the median household income in Highlands County is $30,160.

These are not business tycoons, they are not movie stars or real estate moguls. The wealth in these places is totally based on the proximity to Washington DC. They are working for the federal government, lobbying to get money from us (taxpayers) or in some other fashion, reeling in our tax money. Major employers in these counties are the federal government or contractors for the federal government.

As a side note, every one of them voted majority Democrat in 2018.

But sure Democrats, the federal government only cares about you. Democrats are rich people convincing poor people to blame other rich people for the fact that they are poor. If that doesn't scream grifter, nothing does.

If you pay taxes, zero Democrats have your interests in mind.

All something to consider when the next election rolls around.

Dana Orr

Avon Park