I understand how people feel about their dogs but do these people understand how some people feel about being allergic to dander, fur or hair.

I have seen dogs wrapped in blankets laying in the child seat, which is where I put my heavy items. Dogs do not belong in grocery carts.

I have seen them laying on the seat in two different restaurants. Service dogs belong on the floor.

This is a health issue. Do these people have no common sense?

By the way, anyone can get a certificate for $100 on the internet that says Service Dog. When I applied for my handicap placard, I had to have a doctor’s letter and get a letter from the DMV and carry it in my glove box. These dog lovers don’t have to produce a letter from the state?

The whole truth of the matter is these people want to roam all day and not worry about their pet. I wonder if these pet lovers ever thought about the terrible rash I risk every time I use a grocery cart or sit after they leave, where a god has laid.

Pets do not belong in grocery carts or restaurants or any food establishment. Can’t these pet lovers leave their pets home for an hour or two?

Are grocery stores and food establishments afraid to post a sign or say something?

Maria Glover