Trump has finally committed the worst crime a politician can. He is getting people killed. His impulsive move to vacate the Syrian war has left our allies, the Kurds, to the mercy of the Turkish military.

The decades-long struggle between these two groups was being somewhat put on the back burner as they fought ISIS, which had been terrorizing the Middle East for several years. Without as much as a bye-your [sic] leave, your Commander in Chief sold the Kurds out without a warning, throwing the entire war into chaos.

Turkish troops have been decimating the Kurds now — men, women and children — and when asked why he (Trump) did this, he gave the most insane answer: "So what, they didn't help us in World War II. " Space here does not allow me to name the 30 or 40 other countries that didn't help us in World War II either. Does that mean we should destroy them too?

The man doesn't hesitate to destroy a 16-year-old Swedish girl for fighting for climate control, and gives not the slightest concern for those people dying in the Middle East because it doesn't suit him. I agree, we need to get out of the Middle East and quit the endless wars; however you do not desert your allies in the process.

Turkey is a NATO country, yet they bought defensive missiles from Russia. What direction are they going to point those weapons? That area of the world is a mess and Trump just made it worse.

Hal Graves