Call it grass roots. Call it like people getting together to fight for a cause. Do you remember MADD, "Mothers Against Drunk Drivers"? How about Emily's List, the MeToo Movement, The Parkland Kids movement, "Never Again"? People together to reach other people for a cause that needs to be out in the world, that people need to know about, to join to make a difference in our country and the world.

Climate change is a prime example. Young and old together started a ripple that will become a deluge.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Robert Morris, John Jay, John Hancock and all the signers of the Constitution did not think that this experiment of the United States of America would last even 50 years. Colonies to states.

Our Constitution was written to bind all the individual states into one national government. Some of the writers and signers of the Constitution went state to state to get signatures on this magnificent document. There was no internet, no airplanes, no texting and no twitter.

Getting from state to state took weeks and yet the impetus was there to further their mission because they knew that this great experiment would collapse without a permanent document to bind us all together. They wrote a very thoughtful and brilliant Constitution of checks and balances and law to be followed to prevent chaos. We cannot lose what they fought so valiantly to procure.

As I have said before, it only takes one man to start to ruin what we have had for over 200 years. The Constitution's opening words are, "We the people." We are the people. You and I are the people. We can do this.

Judith Eckstein