This young man writes some very good articles, but defending students, who have not yet entered the adult world, have not lived more than 18 years on this planet, are not learned in the facts of life, is not a good article. These are not individuals who should be telling us what the climate or guns are about.

They are being used by the left because they are impressionable, loud, emotional, and given a script to get fired up with. They are also financed by the same. How many know a pistol is the weapon of choice, blunt objects are number 2, FBI facts, AR’s are the least used. How many are aware of the fact, out of 25 recent shootings, 20 of the shooters were on prescription drugs, all under the age of 30? Drug List: Prozac, Paxil, Luvox, Effexor, Pristiq, everyone increased violent behavior by a factor of 7.9 to 10, some were on three at a time.

When former President Barack Obama signed executive orders on gun control, he too surrounded himself with children, exactly as Hitler did when he signed gun control legislation in 1937, surrounded himself with children as a backdrop.

In 1937 Hitler banned the Boy Scouts; every non-Jewish boy was required to be part of the Hitler Youth. He used them just like the left is doing today.

How many studied climatology, paleoclimatology, Milankovitch cycles, read a book on climate like "The Cold Sun," "Dark Winter," "Mythology of Climate Change - Fiction vs Science," "Upheaval?" How many know climate changes in cycles generally 30-40 years, based on sun spot activity? How many understand this planet did not stop evolving when God put man on it? There are many causes of Co2, man is just one — oceans 42.8%, volcanoes 0.03%, animal respiration 28.56%, soil respiration and decomposition 28%. How many know if we eliminate or severely restrict all Co2 as the left claims they want to, that vegetation will die, we will have problems breathing. Do they know the connection?

In the last 125 years, Earth's global average temperature increased by approximately 0.9°F. Even small changes in solar activity can impact Earth's climate in significant and surprisingly complex ways, researchers say.

I am sorry, but till these students grow up, live 30-60-plus years on this planet, become more aware of the facts, they are not the ones to be telling grown adults what’s right or wrong.

John Nelson


The Highlands Tea Party