Your View section is one of my favorite parts of the Highland News-Sun, but I have to scratch my head in wonder at some of the anti-Trump letters. Do the writers of these letters about how President Trump is dishonest, doesn't obey the law, etc., etc., think the rest of us are mind numb idiots?

Since at least the 1950's, a very large number of the so-called honest legislative branch of our government have been a bunch of dishonest vociferous frauds, legislating themselves raises and benefits, while lying to their constituents. Now all of a sudden you anti-Trump writers expect us to believe Donald Trump has introduced the end of our democracy and the end to our way of life.

What kind of pea-brained, blind, lacking-a-memory, bunch of sheep do you think we are?

You can write your letters, wail laments to the highest heavens, overlook out-right criminal activity of people you agree with, but don't expect any of the silent majority to buy your clap-trap! If the cancerous corruption aptly called the "swamp" is allowed to take this man down, it will be to every American's sorrow.

Get on the train or stay off the tracks.

Jay Broker