Well the models, or at least one of them that the team were using to keep us in fear of our lives, have been uncovered as total left wing bull from the U.K. The man behind it is a climate change freak! But he is not alone by any stretch.

The Lame Stream Media, A.K.A. the left hand of the D.N.C., pun intended, has gone all out to scare us into a world we don't understand or want. For instance, the daily count of so called victims never goes down, only up. Now they are saying that a mutation could happen and be even worse.

The recovery rate is way over 95% but the count goes up and up and up. They don't count the recovering numbers as that will screw up their agenda.

I would posture a guess that Highlands County has only about 10 actual active cases. They have to trash Trump, trash the Constitution and our core values.

They, all the Lefties, want to transform our great country into their stupid little pipe dream belief that Socialism, a central government or globalism, will be our only hope. See how the government works now under pressure? Everything is getting done and Capitalism sucks, until the money runs out and there is no businesses left to produce. This is exactly what the "Gangrene New Dealers" have dreamed of ... it still won't work. If Socialism is what you want, move to Venezuela.

Many blue state governors and activist federal judges have all but declared martial law, i.e. Michigan, you can't plant seeds for food, you can't mow your lawn, no sea-do's, etc. Total lock downs under threat of prison and the horror stories go on throughout our nation.

They want testing. What good is that? You test negative one day, OK, what about the next and the next ... just another waste of our money. Many of these activists are treating our Constitution and Bill of Rights like toilet paper, providing they can find some that the hoarding creeps haven't stashed.

In New York, the governor just announced that anyone who volunteered to come to New York to help fight this virus will be taxed at New York's exorbitant tax rate. A big "Thank you" goes out to all who wanted to help!

Yes, my fellow citizens, Democratic Socialism is spreading faster than the virus itself. It is time to take our liberty and our country back and put an end to this madness. The lefties are giddy about our economy in the dumper. They want the lockdowns to continue so they can push their sick agenda.

They are talking about the new norm? I won't play that game. I love the way things were and so does a big majority of our country. Nope! I am not participating in the pandemic panic party. 

Dave Doty

Lake Placid