A very good reason to read the book, 'Anonymous.'

Thank you, Mr. (Hal) Graves, for your letter of March 22, wherein you showed that simply because we belong to different parties, we certainly aren't enemies. There is no reason for us to despise each other, as Trump is trying so hard to make happen, with his daily name-calling and hateful rhetoric. Ironically, I believe Trump may have caused an unintentional occurrence with his incredible mismanagement of the COVID-19 virus crisis ... an awakening of his base, and a clear alert to his complicit Republican congressional leaders that they have finally seen him and his family for what they are ... common grifters, not managers of our country. Now, those GOP legislators have their future votes to think about.

I look forward to one day regaining temporarily lost friends because they drank the Koolade. American Republicans and Democrats weren't meant to be enemies, just folks who have differing opinions that we should be able to discuss without hate and bad behavior. After all, isn't that terrific system, crafted back in 1776, what makes America truly great in the first place?

Kathy Rabatie