Paul Giles

Our strong father, Paul Giles, age 78, will be deeply missed because he wasn’t ordinary – he was extraordinary. He died June 21, 2020.

He would do anything for his wife, three adult children, four adult grandchildren, and especially for his four great-grandchildren. I really hope the young loved ones he left behind will keep memories of him. The youngest great-granddaughter, age 3, that lives with my mom and dad will hopefully never forget how he cared for her as he was a Great father. I also wonder how his other great-granddaughter, age 6, who lived with him and my mother for five years, will be able to remember everything he did for her. Oh how he loved them all.

I know his wife of over 60 diamond years (I so wish real diamonds and gold were still on their ring fingers as they had before life’s unknowing expenses) and all of us children will remember all he did for his family. He did everything a parent could possibly do for a family and more. I still live in a county where there is everything as they too used to live here and do it all, but since their living in the small town of Lake Placid it left him few places to go but I can only imagine that he went everywhere around there. My mom will certainly miss him going to Publix every day for everything from baby food to cherry pie. I hope the grocery store doesn’t go out of business without him.

Thank you to all his friends in the area for caring and loving him.