Plague of Confederacy

Over 150 years ago, the bloodiest war in history was fought over the right to keep people as farm animals. The treasonous South dug in their heels but succumbed in a miserable defeat that eventually led to abolishment of slavery. During their brief grasp at glory, the Confederate battle flag was hoisted proudly as they surged in their efforts to thwart the established government of the United States. In spite of their pitiful loss, this ominous symbol is still displayed in yards, on vehicles and in the hearts of those who pine for the ‘good old days’ when Blacks ‘knew their place.’

I recently saw a little truck driving around the area with a six-foot Confederate flag waving off the back end and I thought how little this person knew about this symbol and its origin.

The banner of the lost Confederacy is akin to the flag of the Third Reich, with the only difference being time and location. The Confederate flag symbolizes treason and the oppression of a people by those who thought themselves superior. Call it ‘proud Southern heritage.’

Paint it whatever pretty color strikes your fancy. I paint it dark and sinister. It’s pathetic that some still idolize this symbol as something to be proud of. Study history, lest you make a fool of yourself.

Horace Markley


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