My husband and I registered for the vaccine in early January. Friday, we got the call to come in for our shots on Saturday. I neglected to connect our registration, so his appointment was at 9 a.m. and mine was at 2:30 p.m.

I simply want to commend all those who are working the site and our health department for setting up such a well-organized situation. We were met by members of the National Guard who checked the list to be sure you were on it and pointed towards the proper line. One line for those receiving their first shot and another for those receiving the second shot. Members of the sheriff's department controlled the line and told you when to go to the registration desk. Once they checked your form and ID, we were then told to have a seat in a socially distant seating area. Several stations were set up to administer the shot and as soon as one became empty, workers would call the next in line to that station.

Shot received, we were guided to the nurse who gave us a sticker to let us know at what time we were free to go and guided to another seated area. When the time was up, we got in line and the workers checked the time and ID, gave us our vaccination cards, and allowed us to go.

Everyone, national guard members, sheriff's department, health care workers, and volunteers were friendly, kind, more than willing to answer any questions and kept us informed during the entire process. My husband was there 35 minutes and I, in the PM about 45 minutes. Fantastic work everyone!

Doris Brooks