A number of letters to the editor in the past week were again, by and large, name calling of the current president.

The election of President Trump in 2016 was the result of millions of citizens tired of retread swamp politicians. What happened in the last four years?

- Two-plus-year false investigation of Russian collusion casting the taxpayers $20-plus million.

- Prior to a Chinese virus that infected every country in a matter of months, the U.S. had the lowest unemployment in history.

- Oil production has made the U.S. self-sufficient for the first time in many decades.

- Many of our troupes, after 20-plus years in the Middle East, are now home and fighting in the Middle East is dramatically reduced.

- Peace with Israel and countries in the Middle East is underway.

- Taxes that robbed citizens of their earnings have been reduced.

- World organizations, ie. WHO, UN, NATO, that have picked our pockets unchallenged for decades are now paying part of their share.

- Minority businesses are now empowered to create jobs with opportunity zones.

- Sentencing reform has been revised to reflect more equitable outcomes.

- Support both financial and recognition of police across the country to counter higher crime.

- Massive ramp up of private and government resources to produce supplies and ultimately a vaccine to combat the virus.

If a change in the administration is made, where will we be in four years?

J. Larsen