Poise makes me think of a ballerina or a figure skater. It reminds me also of the word meek … strength under control that encourages balance and gracefulness.

To the onlooker, it seems as natural as breathing. But the one in the spotlight knows it has taken years of persevering practice and grit to spin and glide like that.

Sitting in our easy chairs, we’re amazed as we watch TV shows that display extraordinary competitive athletic exhibitions of strength and agility.

Some athletes have come back from serious injuries wondering if they would ever compete again.

But they dig deep in faith, perseverance, will power and determination amazing doctors and therapists. Their families have been their cheerleaders. The athletes not only heal but compete again at an even higher level.

I will never forget watching this kind of athleticism in our dear friends.

Only it was athleticism of the soul.

One son had been killed in the World Trade Center attack, the other a few years later in an underground explosion at work … on his birthday.

Few could endure such tragedy and still come out overcomers. Much like the athlete who seeks out the right therapists, they found some help through grief counseling for extraordinary tragedy.

But their true heart healing came moment by moment as they leaned into their faith. It was as if they had been poised on a precipice. Would they fall off? Or, would they cling to the Rock that is higher and dependable?

They already believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and it was to him they turned, to him they clung and whose grip they trusted. Did they understand? No. Did they long for the circumstances to be different? Absolutely.

Day by day as I spoke to my friend, she would share some deep, disturbing thoughts and then say, but God …

She shared how the Lord Jesus’ presence was palpable. She felt she could reach out and touch him and he her. And, with agonizing memories threatening to undue her; little by little, month by month, joy began to return and bubble up inside.

Childhood verses she had memorized flooded her soul. Before she knew it, she was memorizing Scripture chapters as she had before.

However, take notice of her steadfast footing. She had heavenly balance and gracefulness because of whom she trusted.

Hebrews 13: 9b NKJV says, “For it is good that the heart be established by grace.”

He who had begun a good work in her would complete it.

We need that faith, balance and hope properly fixed amidst the tragedies and unsettledness of today’s trials.

Poise … established. Selah