What is the Postal Service coming to? I live in rural Avon Park near Sebring. The apartments where I live have outdoor keyed mailboxes. In December, my electric bill never showed up and still has not (Feb. 1). My bank statement finally showed up at the end of the month – mailed from Lakeland on Dec. 16.

In January I had to go to my agent to pay my car insurance on the 19th because it was due in Illinois on the 25th. My bill finally showed up on the 20th, 10 days after being mailed from Sebring. As of Feb. 1, my bank statement has not come - it was mailed from Lakeland on Jan. 16. Who has my bank statement? This goes on and on with the mail delivery in Avon Park.

My bank statement and other personal information are being given to someone I do not know. Identity thieves are everywhere and this post office is giving them what they are looking for – total irresponsibility. My life could be ruined because some mail carrier either doesn’t are or he or she cannot read an address.

It is the duty and obligation of the Postal Service to deliver mail to those to whom it is addressed. It is completely irresponsible to give someone’s mail to anyone to whom it is not addressed. This has not only happened to me, but to others as well.

Where do they find these mail carriers? There are five different carriers who deliver mail to the apartments where I live and at least one of them does not care or is incapable of reading an address. Such irresponsible people should not be permitted to handle mail. They jeopardize the welfare of those they are supposed to serve. I can no longer trust in the Postal Service here in Avon Park. It is a foul blot on the integrity of the U.S. Postal Service. It needs to be investigated (in my opinion).

Donald A. Devine

Avon Park