As Election Day nears, the power of hypnosis is escalated by an unstable New York elitist who has managed to convince many Americans that he is the greatest thing since the mythical Jesus. Darwinism tells us that as many primates, humans are followers. They are drawn to body language and repetition.

A forceful speaker can spin any fable so that it becomes a fact to the adoring throngs. An ugly waving of arms or clenched fists emphasizes the message. Repetition of a word or phrase becomes embedded into the psyche of the subjects who are already glassy-eyed as they bask in the false ambiance of their adored. Before long, every spoken word becomes that of a god and is gospel to gullible minds.

A recent letter indicated that there wasn’t enough room in the column to list the many accomplishments of this self-imagined demiurge. A lot of room isn’t needed as the only accomplishment has been the ability to keep the naive goose-steppers convinced that he’s the One foretold. The messiah will speak and the sheep will listen. Any falsity becomes the truth if you say it often enough. When the truth is ugly, only a lie can be beautiful.

Horace Markley

Sebring, FL