I am sure I am one of many whose hair stands up when a certain person writes his frequent Letter to the Editor talking about a “mythical person who lives in the sky” or some other atheist term for God … with a capital G. My first thought is to pity that person. I can’t help but think what he will say to God when he passes from this life to eternity. Will there even be words that come through his mouth? I doubt it, just tears and trembling.

Ask any Christian what it meant to them to put their faith in something they couldn’t see, but instinctively knew was right. The Holy Spirit gives them that comfort in knowing they are doing the right thing … but it doesn’t end there. That is only the beginning. Being a new Christian is exciting. God makes Himself known everywhere and frequently … and it’s fun. Fortunately I worked with a wonderful Christian man and had a Christian boss that set great examples for me, but it’s a learning process that involves many people in your life.

I’ll never forget the “suggestion” that I should tithe … that is, give 10% of everything I made to God. The choice was mine, but it was suggested that whatever church feeds you (spiritually) was a good place to start. I smile when I remember all the times God gave back to me more than I had given Him … over and over for a lifetime. I also do not like some so-called ministers who just ask for a $1,000 seed … yet they have no ministries showing how they use it.

Being in God’s will isn’t the easiest thing to do. It involves sacrifices of time, patience and actually doing what God wants you to do.

I want to share one of many times that had an impression on me that it is right. One morning during prayer time I asked God to show me what He wanted me to do. I thought it was strange, but I was told to take a $20 bill and give it to a person that He would lead me to, and tell that person that God loves them. Gee, where do I start. We owned a business, so I was sure it would be someone that came to us … but no, I never felt led to do that. I carried that $20 bill around all day, and it was finally time to go home. I couldn’t go home … I hadn’t done as God told me. I went to Winn Dixie and started watching people coming and going. Surely it would be that nice young woman with two little kids … she could use that, but no, she wasn’t the one. Then there was a man in line ahead of me that only had one package of some meat that was “buy one, get one” … I did tell him about missing out on another free package of meat, but he wasn’t the one. (Yes, he got the free meat).

I checked out, but I lingered, knowing I hadn’t done as told … and there she was. I knew she was the one, so I waited for her to check out. Before she could walk away from the register I told her that I knew this was strange, but I had something to give her. I gave her the $20 bill and told her that God told me to tell her that He loved her. Her response was such a blessing. She threw up her hands and said “praise God!” She told me she had just starting tithing that week and was concerned because she didn’t have a lot, but God told her she would always have her needs met … and here I was, a stranger, giving her money. We were both crying … me because I didn’t realize that giving that money away would be such a blessing for me. This is my favorite example of being in God’s will and I remember it as though it just happened. I’ll bet she tells that story to people too, because she was in God’s will also.

Being a Christian and believing in God doesn’t mean nothing will ever go wrong with your life. It’s not an imaginary insurance policy or whatever atheistic term an atheist wants to use. What is different is knowing that we aren’t alone in anything … good or bad. Satan rules the earth and comes to steal, kill and destroy … but Christians have an assurance that they have someone who will always be there for them, and he darn sure makes himself known to the person that is suffering and comforts them. The biggest difference is that we have the assurance that we will meet God one day. He is preparing mansions for us to live in, and I believe that. I wish the gentleman this is targeted towards would pray for guidance and understanding. People witnessed to me for four years before I finally decided that I wanted what Christians have. God led me to a scripture that spoke just to me: Galatians 4:8. See if that applies to you.

Ginny Haymaker is a Sebring resident. Columns and guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.