People have different views as to whether President Trump has acted wisely for the good of the nation.

He has enormous responsibilities and cannot appeal to all peoples. But he is our president and we must show respect. I voted for him and I stand by him 100%.

After the Civil War, 1872, Victoria Woodhull became the first woman to run for the United States Presidency and shared the Equal Rights Party ticket with African American leader Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, better known as Frederick Douglass, who declined.

I would never want a woman president. It would be better for women to tend the home fires and let the man run the country because it is a man’s job.

Let’s go back to George Washington who is known as the Father of our Country, but he may not have been the first president. That honor could also be claimed by Payton Randolph of Virginia who presided over the First Continental Congress of 1774; by John Hancock of Massachusetts who was presiding when independence was declared in 1776; or by John Hanson of Maryland who was presiding when the Articles of Confederation took effect in 1781. What do you think?

Dorothy Smalls

Lake Placid