This is in response to a recent epistle that appeared in the Your View column. In this piece the author listed seven perceived lies attributed to President Trump, none of which make even a slight dent in the oft repeated lie by her hero BHO that you can keep your doctor.

The writer also proceeded to offer a psychological assessment of the president's emotional status and how it has put the country in dire straits. Hearing the prognosis would make one think she was well versed in psychiatry. He only built a huge real estate empire in the toughest arenas. Could the person she described accomplish such an achievement?

My response to her allegations is this. After looking at the results of Trump's three years in office, I would encourage him to keep issuing all those so-called lies.

Consider these factors:

1. The economy has come on strong.

2. Employment is at historic highs (BHO said those jobs were gone forever).

3. Tangible results in limiting illegal immigration are being achieved.

4. Trump has been tackling trade problems heretofore deemed unfixable.

5. NATO allies are more responsive to financial requirements.

6. Trump cut your taxes.

I suggest she and all those of her ilk get over the fact a brash New York real estate developer whipped Queen Hillary Clinton. Like him or not, he is our president and will be until the next election despite the panglossian attitude the Democrats are exhibiting over their pathetic impeachment stunt.

Mack W. Payne

Lake Placid