Thankfully, we have young people in our community who feel moved to act. I, for one, am glad they chose to publicly show their concerns in a mature and responsible manner.

While you later commended them for protesting, you immediately negated it with your unfounded criticism. Our First Amendment rights don't limit expression based on approval of a majority or inclusion of opposing/all opinions and issues.

In response to one of your questions — yes, I and others mourned and protested regarding the murder of our citizens at SunTrust. Were you there? Did you write a letter to the paper, your congressman/senator regarding gun laws? We did.

Maybe you will grow to understand that we are very privileged to have a Constitution in our country that we can count on to protect at least some of us.

To the matter of Black Lives Matter — their house is on fire — ours is not. My opinion. #BlackLivesMatter

Michelle D. Backus