As a resident in Spring Lake, I visited our district manager, Joe DeCerbo, to discuss the local candidates. He stated that he does not endorse candidates given his position but would answer any questions.

I asked if he knew Kaylee Tuck and he said that she visited him several weeks after announcing her candidacy to introduce herself. She wanted a tour of the district and its facilities, as she was aware of the financial support Representative Pigman had spearheaded for our stormwater treatment area and sewer facilities. She wanted to know how she could continue to support Spring Lake if elected. Kaylee has met with Joe on three other occasions and has walked our Spring Lake neighborhoods meeting as many people as she could.

When I asked about Ned Hancock, Joe informed me that he has not met Ned or his campaign people, and no one has reached out to discuss our district’s needs. That response concerns me.

I don’t know about my Spring Lake neighbors, but my vote goes to Kaylee, who has taken the time to treat our small community the same as others. I guess because we don’t have any ranches, farms, or citrus groves, Ned does not care too much about us. Our special district might not have the votes to concern Ned, but to ignore us and our interests is offensive.

I hope Spring Lake will come out in large numbers and vote for the person who has a proven interest in our community … Kaylee Tuck.

Susan Edwards