Why I will vote for Trump:

1. He brought manufacturers back to U.S. by lowering business taxes and reducing regulations.

2. We are energy independent; coal and steel industries are back.

3. Lowest unemployment for Mexicans and Blacks and everyone. Economy is booming.

4. He forced NATO allies to pay their fair share of 2% for security purposes.

5. He stood up to Arab nations extremism in religion and North Korea.

6. He placed Jerusalem as the U.S. Embassy.

7. He’s pro life.

8. He stands up for the Christian faith and wants the Johnson amendment repealed.

9. He spoke against Germany buying oil from Russia making Russia rich.

10. He wants the illegal immigration system fixed. He’s building a wall to protect our nation from illegal drugs and criminals.

11. He’s stood up to foreign countries on trade so that we have fair trade and not the lost of intellectual property. He’s negotiated for fair trade between Canada, Mexico and China.

12. He’s nominated conservative judges that will adhere to our Constitution and protect the sovereignty of our nation.

13. He keeps his promises.

14. He keeps us from being swallowed up by the E.U. and Asian crisses, and wants all nations to be independent and seek what is best for their people.

Paul M. Strunc