Had to laugh at the pro-Trumper letter to the editor on Jan. 9. The stick-on ads protesting the weapon “show” across the street from Sebring High School were legally bought and legally added to the daily paper, and meant clearly to be a public service. Sebring has already suffered mass shooting murders, and those of us who are against assault weapons have just as much a right to defend our stance on the subject as do the wild-eyed, far-right believers who continue to worship such weapons. And before the crazies start screaming that I want all guns “confiscated,” a joke in itself, I own guns, just not mass destruction guns.

Trump is destroying our republic with his deference to the likes of Vlad Putin & Kim Jung Un, along with his unhinged, imperial attitude that overrides the constitution.

So we will resist that cancerous platform always, and as publicly as we can, as patriotic citizens who love our country ... not semi-automatic killing machines and the almighty dollar.

It’s way past time for the collective behavior of America to swing away from death and destruction and focus on protecting our fragile planet by rebuilding America, using common sense and renewable energy.

Semi automatic assault weapons play no role in that future.

Kathy Rabatie