This week, two bills designed to force religion into tax paid environments failed as HB 341, SB 746 and HB 7103 died where they stood in the Florida legislature. 341 and 746 were part of a sinister legislative push by Project Blitz, a subversive movement whose purpose is to manipulate religious superstition into the public school system by offering Bible classes.

This bone has been chewed on by District 14 Representative Kimberly Daniels for quite some time. She’s insistent that her religious beliefs become part of the public school curriculum. Rather than working constructively for the voters in her district, Ms. Daniels would rather spend her time pushing a religious agenda. That figures since she moonlights as an evangelist.

HB 7103 contained as part of a larger bill a stipulation that public high schools could broadcast religious messages over outside loudspeaker systems during sporting events. This was shut down as well.

Taxpayer funds are not to be used to finance religious whims of self-serving politicians. America is not a theocracy and efforts to make it so need to be thwarted. The First Amendment of the Constitution speaks against government established religion.

I have no problem with anyone believing in their brand of superstition, but using taxpayer funds to push such beliefs is wrong on all levels. If religion is that important to you, then please proceed to your chosen house of worship. Public funds should go toward realistic and constructive purposes.

Horace Markley