When trying to sell a political agenda, nothing says it better than religion. You can conjure up your chosen deity as leverage to promote any insidious position or to defend any devious, dishonest personality. Religion makes everything so convenient. The new fad of the rabid right is “religious liberty” which is nothing other than the license to discriminate while hiding behind superstition.

Across the nation local municipalities and Federal lawmakers are slowly but surely trying to instill religion, exclusively Christianity into the government and public schools. The current White House occupant overtly panders to evangelical groups to shore up his robotic base. Religious figures have proclaimed him as something heaven sent despite his sordid history of dishonesty, multiple marriage, numerous affairs, and a host of lies numbering in the thousands.

The gathering of religious charlatans around the elitist fraud paints a desperate picture of a nation that calls itself civilized. I fail to see the enchantment of a sinister cult that for centuries spawned deceit, torture, war and murder in its quest to brainwash the ignorant into submission. It was convenient to invent gods to explain away the unexplained.

We’ve become wiser and the need for imaginary friends has waned. The U.S. does not subscribe to the Divine Right of Kings. We the people do not bow to the Church of the United States. If religion is convenient as your daily crutch, by all means, ride the dream, but do not expect everyone to goose step behind you.

In America we have the right to worship as we please or not at all. What we don’t have is the right to impose cult fantasies onto others.

Horace Markley