A letter complained about pork not related to coronavirus relief in the bill just passed. There were two parts: one for coronavirus relief, the other the annual omnibus bill funding federal government for 2021. Largely, the money goes to programs/departments funded on an annual basis – like the arts and culture centers. You think we should shut the Smithsonian? Why complain about money to FBI/DEA?

As for funding DC, if the $5 million quoted is from the COVID-19 bill, the previous bill short changed DC. Each state got $1.25 billion and DC received less than $.5 billion when COVID-19 rates were higher than 19 states. They need PPE.

Another item is Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, which investigates fraud using PPP money. By July, investigations resulted in 36 arrests. They track effectiveness of money received to better plan for future crises. Go to pandemicoversight.gov and check the funding map for local use. Most of it went to small business loans/grants to keep our businesses afloat.

Foreign aid – President supported it, now it's pork. The amount spent on foreign aid is nothing compared to the whole budget.

Here's pork: the $1.4 billion for "The Wall." Seen those videos of people going through it?

Trump wanted to cut: Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program funded at $150 million, $4 million above FY 2020. Every federal dollar invested in 2019 resulted in $33.80 in new sales growth. Sounds good to me.

A little research is helpful.

Catherine Bergens