Yard of the Month

Patricia King, 510 E. Canfield St., received the November Yard of the Month Award presented by the Avon Park Founders Garden Club.

Provided by Avon Park Founders

AVON PARK — Some people have a natural talent to knowing where to place a plant and what plants go well together. This is the case with November’s Yard of the Month recipient, Patricia King at 510 E. Canfield St.

This yard could easily be featured in any gardening magazine.

The award was presented to her by the Avon Park Founders Garden Club.

The first thing that is noticed in the yard is the mailbox surrounded by sea grape leaves and blooming blue plumbago. When asked how mail is delivered, King replied that she keeps the plants trimmed back enough for the mail delivery to be made.

A large chocolate allamanda with its trumpet-shaped flowers occupies a space on the left of the yard. King likes impatiens plants, so there are many placed in various areas, in a variety of colors. Some are in pots and some in the ground.

A large angel fountain has a place in front of the home. Along side the fountain are coleus, a standard-sized chenille plant with hanging red chenille tails and orange crossandra. Several pots hold impatiens, petunia, arrow leaf, pentas and poinsettia.

King “rescued” daisy chrysanthemum plants from local nurseries and planted them in pots. These are now large healthy plants.

There are also several hibiscus plants in the yard as well as Mexican petunia, palm trees, crepe myrtle, liriope and gold mound.

Some of the trees in the yard bear fruit that have a medicinal use, such as a large curly leafed fig tree and a custard apple tree brought from Jamaica. When ingested, they help to lower blood pressure.

As we prepared to leave the home, King suggested a tour of the back yard. Wow! It looks like a resort. Bird of Paradise, statuary, fountains, pots overflowing with impatiens, painted metal tables with pots of flowers, palms, Hawaiain ti plants, coleus, and much more. A garden holds collard greens, mustard greens and green peppers.

It was hard to believe that a yard like this could exist on a city lot. When asked how she can take care of all of these plants, King said she starts planting in September and works every day in the yard. It seems like she runs on a 36-hour day.

She said her father worked for Ward’s Nursery for many years and taught her and her siblings the love of plants.

This yard is more than your typical neighborhood yard. King said she has been trying to win the Yard of the Month award for 14 years. It’s about time she received it.

To nominate a yard for the award, phone 863-452-1927. You can even nominate your own yard.