Respect the service dog and its human

My husband Ronald Price and I stopped in at a restaurant in Sebring Sunday May 30, 2021 to have breakfast on our way out of town for a funeral. We walked in with our service dog, Suzy Q, and was greeted by the hostess with, “You can’t bring a dog in here!” I pointed out her bright red vest that reads “Full Service Access” and stated, she’s my husband’s service dog. Her reply was, “What’s wrong with him?” To which I replied, ADA says you can’t ask what’s wrong with him.

I tried to explain that she can only ask 1) is that a service dog and 2) what does she do. Before I could finish she walked past us and mumbled loud enough for me and others to hear, “I don’t believe that’s a service dog!”.

The restaurant being busy on a Sunday morning, and my husband having PTSD and severe hearing loss got upset and insisted we leave. On his way out the door he said to her, you need to educate yourself on the rules about service dogs and people with disabilities.

Our working dog has been in service for seven years. We have had two other incidents but none as blatant as this. I have submitted a report to the ADA. Would it be worth the effort to run an article with ADA website information to refresh the public’s knowledge of these wonderful working dogs?

Janet Price


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