In reading through reader comments I see many which are nothing more than a series of rhetorical questions. These serve no purpose and send no message. If you’ve got something to say, then say it. Throwing out open questions will not enforce your position but merely shows poor writing skills.

One such letter used rhetorical questions to help bolster the sagging image of the current White House occupant. This wasn’t lame enough as there was also a generous dose of ‘god’ thrown in as though this would further support the writer’s position that the current toxic administration is the answer to all of America’s problems.

It’s tedious enough to see such pathetic allegiance to an empty shell playing at president but to try and prop this up with rhetorical questions and religion makes the process of reading ever more tiresome. Whatever message was intended, it failed miserably. The current administration is still tainted and conjuring imaginary friends won’t change that.

Horace Markley