After the eight-year nightmare that was George II, President Obama took office and from the beginning, the Republic [sic] Party wailed in unison, “How long are you going to blame George Bush for everything?”. Now I will ask the same question. How long are you going to blame President Obama for everything?

Three-and-a-half years into the Trump maelstrom, things are as bad as ever. For the first two years of this administration, the White House, Congress and Senate were occupied by the so-called ‘Party of Reagan’ with nothing to show for it. Somehow this is still the fault of the Democratic Party and President Obama. Today nothing refreshes like newly invented falsities spewed from a tainted government headed by a blabbering punk.

A recent writing drones on with tired war tales while trashing the current Congress in typical most non-Christian fashion. Still, the writer manages to squeeze in an infomercial plugging his imaginary friend. That’s old news which consistently whirls about the right wing echo chamber. Weaponizing religion in order to attack any opposition is nothing new but is increasingly boring and unoriginal. Yet, these Trumpanzees forge ahead in their crusade to prop up their Exalted Sovereign as they trample any who would oppose.

On an up note, the past week gave us some positives. A major court ruling protected women’s health rights in Louisiana and the governor of Mississippi penned legislation removing the symbol of southern treason and slavery from their state flag. Welcome, Mississippi, to the 21st century.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 numbers are out of control. Don’t despair, for in the words of the all-knowing White House medical authority, “The virus will just disappear.” But in the meantime, "you can ingest Lysol" and if we just stop testing, the disease will be neutralized quicker. What better way to deal with a “Democratic hoax”? Those gods do work in mysterious ways.

Horace Markley