Sanctity of life

An empty, overused phrase used by those who pretend to care about unborn tissue and insist on keeping it a political issue. These same hypocrites are the first to hail the death penalty. They claim to care about children yet will have no part of any measure that will curb gun violence in schools that claims too many children. We’re not interested in curbing alcohol usage which kills via highway deaths and liver damage. So much for the so-called ‘sanctity of life.’

We profess to care about the unborn fetal tissue until it’s born. After that, we want nothing to do with it until the child turns 18 and is old enough to fight in US senseless wars.

Children were forced back into schools during a pandemic because the state didn’t like poor marks on its education system. Veterans return home whipped and damaged, but we want nothing to do with improved health or financial care which will make their life a little better.

Let’s lose all this fake concern and fess up that sanctity of life is a convenient political tool.

Horace Markley


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