I have the conviction that when we honor and pray to the God who created us, and to the One who died for us, He is the reason our country has been blessed in so many ways.

The invocation is a time to respect God as a person. He is the one who directs us to love Him and to love one another.

He’s the one who gives life meaning and purpose. It is through faith in Christ that each of us has forgiveness of sins, and a confidence in that last moment of life that we will be with Him forever.

He’s the reason that we care for one another and want the best for one another.

He’s the reason our government listens to the citizens.

He’s the reason we honor and respect our flag.

He’s the reason we are a republic, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

When the invocation becomes a mere formality, and we no longer seek a relationship with the One who has given us life and liberty, we will then start burning the flag and the Bible as was done in Portland, Oregon.

When invocation no longer has significance, “truth” will no longer have significance.

“All men created equal” will no longer have significance.

“Unalienable rights” “endowed by their Creator” will no longer have significance.

“Life and liberty” will no longer have significance.

When we forget God, the marriage of one man and one woman will no longer have significance.

The innocence of children will be lost.

Children will be told they can change their gender.

When we forget God, our nation will make many foolish decisions.

Each of you are acquainted with AARP – American Association Of Retired People. They have been moving to the Left for many years. Then came the time when they spoke highly of the communist, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

At that time a group of conservatives established AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens. I am a member of this group and have a copy of their magazine. The cover shows America going down a traditional path or going to the left and choosing Socialism. It contains an article about Socialism titled, “After statue-toppling comes book-burning. The next step after tearing down statues is violence against buildings, books, and people. That is why actions to preserve rule of law are essential now.”

“Socialism in all forms is anti-freedom, anti-American, and poses a threat to our way of life. The Soviets, Chinese, and Nazis, all sought to erase history and accompanied their statue-toppling, church-burning with mob mayhem ... and book-burning.”

Venezuela was once a prosperous country. In 1989 during an economic downturn riots erupted. ”... Running as a socialist in 1998, Hugo Chavez won the presidency. By 2004, Venezuela was communist: a new constitution forced on the country, fresh relationships with communist Cuba, nationalized industries, ... confiscated property.” Welfare for all programs. “Today the country is in shambles.”

There is a need for respecting history, the ”good, bad, and ugly. It is the hallmark of freedom loving, life loving, law abiding societies.”

We need to seek truth, not suppress it. “History is about remembering truth accurately: the heroic and the despotic ... History is proof of individual rights and rule of law.”

America is close to endorsing Socialism, a few enthusiastically, most unwittingly. May God open our eyes.

Virgil Ullom is a resident of Babson Park. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.