Send illegal aliens to Biden’s home

When Congress was established for the House, each state would send one member to Congress from each district, according to population apex 700,000. They would vote for the people they represented and what their state needed. Today, it seems that they all only vote for their party and the state can go to hell. An example of this is the last bill passed in Congress, a bill that was pro Democrat, a bill that gave $$$$ to states and aliens who are now crossing our border. Now, I am not talking about you.

There are 11 members from Florida that voted for that bill that gave very little to Florida and millions to democratic states that are out of control, just to kiss a — with Pelosi. Did they even think of the state they live in. Lawson, Murphy, Crist, Soto, Caster, Webster, Hasting, Frankel, Deutch, Schultz, Wilson, they all should be ashamed and move to New York or California. You should also take the blame as you let them disregard their home state and said not a thing. How are we going get them voted out in November 2021 if only six of them Dem [sic] had voted not for Pelosi but for Florida? Millions lost.

Are they relocating aliens to Florida yet, are they medically cleared. Are we sending them to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to Joe’s home as he invited them in? Free food and lodging waiting there. Since he owns four homes there is plenty of room. Just an idea.

David B. Abbott

Lake Placid