I just tried to read the letter submitted by a guest columnist on Sept. 1, and as so many people who take truths and flip and flop words to fit their agenda, left me confused.

What are we suppose to believe?

That we as the average American originating from Europe, is a hopeless hate- filled, wild-eyed indifferent racist, who can't wait to overlook injustice to just keep our middle class life protected? What a load of liberal trash.

DeSantis is correct to allow people to make "good decisions," it's called being an American citizen. We do not need a few politically governmental twits to lead around by the nose, or as Karl Marx wrote, "useful idiots."

The climate has changed in cycles for years, with pandemics occurring in cycles before God created us and we showed up on the scene. So yes we should be good stewards of the earth God gave us to care for, but to say that we are the main cause of climate change is just plain stupid. Oh, and no, "the science has not been settled," as mister carbon tax Gore has stated!

In conclusion, white European Americans as a whole are yes, just trying to provide for our families, and racism as well as all of the other sins start in the heart and will end when we realize that.

The United States did not invent slavery.

Personal responsibility is the job of each American.

Violence from any group is unacceptable.

Jay Broker