Before we get to Tuesday’s games, we’ll first we pay tribute to Jerry (Rabbit) Barber. He is a volunteer at Faith Lutheran Church for AARP to figure out your taxes.

He graduated from Southern Illinois Univ. with a degree in Math and Business. I asked how he got to run so fast. He said when he got into trouble at home he had to outrun his Dad.

Jerry scored six runs in the game that had VFW 4300 outlasting Alan Jay Automotive Network 26-23. VFW had J.C. (Choo-Choo) Brown (triple) Jim (Jumbo) Lauzon (double) and Chuck Detore all with five hits. Jim (Big-Pol)Polatty (triple and double) Jerry (Rabbit) Barber and Keith Brey (double) all had three-hit games.

Alan Jay had a big day from Les (Preacher) Osbeck, who had five hits, Woody Woodward and Lee Sonneberg (double) both had four hits each. Ted (Bear) Griffith hit a home run and double, Ken (Missionary) Lloyd and Larry Laux had three hits each. Jerry (Chuckles) Kaufman drove in four runs.

On the other field Blazing Irrigation kept tied for first with a 18-7 victory over Buttonwood Bay. BI stars where Alex Gray (home run), Rich (Semi) Rucker and Dale Baughman each with three hits. Gallo (Wine) Gonzalex had two doubles and Moe Pier was the winning pitcher. Buttonwood Bay had Jack (Classie) Grasso, Earl Richardson and Jim (Speedo) Noviss (triple) each with three hits. Moose Morrisette and Fred Richardson had two hits each.

Thursday’s games saw a day where runs were as scarce as a Democrat at a Republican convention, as VFW 4300 stayed tied for first with a 10-0 win over a very good Buttonwood Bay team, which never gives up. VFW’s Chester Johnson, Jumbo Lauzon (two doubles), Chuck (Actor) Detore and Jim (Big Pol) Polatty each had two hits. Wil Ramsey, besides having a super day at shortstop, added a big hit to drive in two runs. Buttonwood Bay had Jack (Classie) Grasso, Jim Munroe, John Degnen, Fred Richardson, Dave Pohlman, Boots Dasovic and Rick Flanders with one hit each.

The other field had Blazing Irrigation staying tied for first with a thrilling 16-12 victory over a short Handed Alan Jay Automotive Network team. Blazing Irrigation jumped out to a 9-0 lead before Alan Jay rallied to keep in close.

Blazing Irrigation had another big day from Don (Boom-Boom) Cunningham. Rich (Semi) Rucker had a bigger day with a single, triple and a home run in the last inning to seal the victory. Steve Weinzriel hit a single and triple and Gallo Gonazlez was the winning pitcher.

Alan Jay batting stars were Phil (Luke) Lukas, with four hits; Larry(Lucky) Laux Lee (Sunny) Sonneberg, Wild Bill Destefano (double) and Preacher Osbeck (double) all had three hits in the game.

The big game for first place will take place Tuesday, with Blazing Irrigation playing VFW 4300. Game time is 9:45 a.m. at the Highlands County Sports Complex.