Quick question: What are you determined to do, no matter what obstacles life throws your way?

Sometimes the things we want are not easy to attain. It’s easy to get discouraged when the going gets rough. Sometimes, we’re hit with a barrier so monstrous we sigh and give up on our goal, settling for less.

One of my current goals is to write every day. That’s been easier some days than others. There have been days when I didn’t get to the laptop until after 10 p.m., and I was tired. Other days when I simply didn’t feel like it. And one or two when not writing would’ve been completely understandable.

But for over 100 days, I’ve made myself write something. Even if it’s been just a few words. And who knows if they’re any good. But I’ve gotten into the habit now, and I’m determined to keep it going.

That’s an example of being dedicated. But to be honest, there’s a woman out there that has got me beat when it comes to dedication. She recently took the bar exam in what were daunting circumstances. And she persevered.

According to www.goodmorningamerica.com, Illinois law school graduate Brianna Hill was in the middle of day one of her bar exam Oct. 5th when something unexpected happened: her water broke.

She was pregnant, but her due date was Oct. 19th. Thanks to COVID-19, she was taking the exam remotely. When she’d asked earlier if she could take bathroom breaks due to her pregnancy, they told her if she left the camera’s view, it would be flagged as cheating.

Now, some women would’ve groaned and given up on the bar exam. But it had already been delayed thanks to the pandemic.

Determined, she continued with the test, even while having contractions. It was her first pregnancy, and she wasn’t sure what true labor felt like. She had the support of her husband, whose response to her message about her water breaking was that they’d figure out a way for her to finish the test.

I must admit I’m impressed already. Speaking as someone who has experienced contractions, the fact she was able to concentrate on anything like a bar exam amazes me.

She finished day one of her exams and then she and her husband went to the hospital where she gave birth to a 6 pounds, 5 ounces baby boy they named Cassius Phillip Andrew.

However, she’d only taken part one of the bar exam. Part two was due to start the next day, when she’d still be in the hospital. What was she going to do?

Here’s when the midwife and hospital staff came to her rescue. They reserved a private room on the Labor and Delivery floor for Hill to use to complete the exam. They even hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door for her.

Hill completed the exam without any hitches. In the article, she expresses her gratitude to the staff who went the extra mile to help her out. And she’s realized what a great support system she has.

Hill is slated to start a job as a legal aid organizer in Chicago in January. Oh, and Cassius? He’s doing great and loves snuggling with his parents.

So, I have to say this: The next time you’re tempted to give up on a goal, think about Brianna Hill taking her bar exam while undergoing labor and giving birth. It might make your own trials seem smaller and more manageable.

After all, if she could achieve her goals under challenging circumstances, who says we can’t?