This letter concerns a guest column in the Jan. 31 edition. Last time I wrote a reply to a letter to the editor his name was omitted, making my reply meaningless. However, if you are writing a column, you certainly should leave yourself open to having your name mentioned in a reply to that column.

I am not writing this to debate his love for President Trump and the Republican party or his hatred for ex-president Obama and the Democratic party. You are a very prolific writer, with your letters or guest columns appearing at least once or twice a week. However, they all show an absolute hatred for someone if their views differ from yours.

Wouldn't it be a sorry state of affairs if everyone thought alike? Would anything ever get accomplished? Though I'm not a psychologist, I am curious where this hatred comes from. I believe many of us would be interested in you're background, ie, age, occupation, education, military service, etc., so we could better understand where you are coming from.

If you wish to reply, you may use my name.

Bert Horwitz