On July 17, County Commissioner Don Elwell posted a "Daily Update" on his Facebook page promoting his candidacy for Clerk. He described a request made by citizen Michelle Grisham at a budget workshop. Ms. Grisham asked that commissioners consider mandating the wearing of face masks in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Mr. Elwell posted the following statement:

"She claimed to have approx. 400 signatures with her, supposedly gathered in only a day or so."

Mr. Elwell correctly stated that Ms. Grisham's issue could not be considered at the budget workshop. However, his use of the words "claimed" and "supposedly" show a prejudice against Ms. Grisham and demean her efforts to bring the issue before the commissioners. Ms. Grisham deserves respect for her work as a concerned citizen of Highlands County.

The mask mandate will be taken up at the next regular meeting and should be seriously considered.

Margaret Hamilton


Editor's note: The consideration of a mask mandate was discussed at Tuesday's County Commission meeting.