“Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear the Lord, and depart from evil.” So just what ‘evil’ is being referred to here? It’s the evil of arrogantly believing oneself wise as to the things of God and understanding Him, thinking you posses the “forbidden knowledge of good and evil.”

When one ‘falls from grace’, deceived by a charlatan, they both believe they know the difference between good and evil as seen by God’s eyes (Satan’s spell); which they don’t, as He’s incomprehensible. Thus, having lost the ‘holy fear of God’ and defying His command to “judge not,” they pridefully judge themselves superior, “good” and “saved,” and others as inferior sinners; which is wicked, as they blindly deny their myriad sins, faults, frailties and shortcomings — wisdom one grasps thru ‘the humanities’.

Thus their pride, vanity and arrogance renders them evil, as they naively fail to understand their true low estate: ignorant primitives who misguidedly believe themselves ‘wise’, fools. But if they were modest and humble, like good folks are, they wouldn’t shamelessly be lost in vanity.

If you believe that you simply can talk to God, then you don’t understand His nature, and have a childish and ignoble approach to Him, lacking due reverence for His majesty. Whom you should approach with meekness and poverty of spirit, with fear and trembling, assuming nothing: for all mortal flesh shall fear Him. Your assuming, you’ll find, will make an ass out of you, for a little knowledge is a terrible thing; while wisdom isn’t pretentious towards, but fears God.

Primitives who think they know, don’t know, while those who know that they don’t know, know, aka modesty and humility. Thus sobriety and moderation in appraising yourself is vital; then one gracefully treats others ‘non-judgmentally,’ with loving-kindness and respect, fearing God, neither judging themselves as well. For only He is good, righteous and great: ‘they’re not’, but only on a puerile ego trip.

One doesn’t seek financial advice from a mechanic; musical training from an athlete; wisdom from inexperienced and pretentious youths, still wet behind the ears, yet to face life’s trials, shocks and sufferings; nor spiritual guidance from the unenlightened. For this is the realm of theologians and Saints, who’ve spent lifetime’s of focused study and contemplation, suffering severe trials, sent by God, that you couldn’t begin to fathom (nor would want to), on the ‘narrow way’ of hard-won virtues that only the humbled, disciplined and contemplative few enter upon, fool.

And never some vain right-wing hack who’s only read the Bible and has never been tested by God: “what fools these mortals be.” Those who’ve never been tested and suffered in mortification for God’s sake, what do they know? Thus I’ve tried to put anyone, not completely lost, onto a ‘safe road’ guided by the wise and enlightened Saints that I earlier extolled. But it’s no easy task breaking Satan’s spell, to deprogram the foolhardy brainwashing, as it seems sacrilege to them; unaware that God departed them upon their fall, lost in pride, vanity, ignorance, arrogance, and lies, just like Eve and Adam.

“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”; it’s not too late to repent, but mortification is required, either now or later. But the punishment is far more severe if you delay realizing your flight of fancy and relative incapacity to know an ‘unknowable God who transcends human understanding’. The Bible talks of perfecting the soul but you’ve yet to begin: as the beginning is ‘mortification’; for God first chastises and humbles everyone whom He loves and receives — see, if God loved you, you wouldn’t be boastfully proud but rather ashamed for being such a presumptuous and childish neophyte.

Your sense of control is also an illusory fantasy: do you control your own organs? You don’t even control your own body; for consciousness itself is a mysterious thing, like ‘dark matter’, AND GOD! So all you can do is thank Him and live your life, garnering virtue, knowledge, love and understanding of humanity thru literacy, and humbly leaving the things of God to God, who’s beyond your grasp and understanding, fool.

Hence, if you believe that you’re a saint already, but have never read the Saints and are uncultured, then you’re in for a mind-blowingly rude awakening, being such an incorrigibly lost, unruly and undisciplined creature, shamelessly in want of modesty, humility, knowledge, love and wisdom. Therefore God will appear as a demon to you because you don’t fear Him, as ‘the beginning of wisdom’ induces a fearfully broken and contrite heart.

For one doesn’t assume anything with God, cuz you and your savage will are merely dust in the wind to Him. But if you’re modest, humble, not self-absorbed but literate, nonjudgmental, charitable (slow to judge), patient, filled with loving-kindness for everyone, and fear Him, then God will also appear loving to you.

When Christ said “ABOVE ALL ELSE ‘LOVE’ ONE ANOTHER,” He meant everyone; and you’ll never learn how to “love your neighbor (everyone) as yourself” in heartless, clueless, blind and lost fundamentalist churches headed by incompetent fools who know zilch about ‘Love’, as I’ve previously explained — who’s wisdom is foolishness to God.

Illiterate and complacent juveniles with their silly Sunday-school mentalities; childish innocence long worn out, hideously decayed and monstrously vain, ignorant and arrogant. Primitives who foolishly believe themselves wise to God, lost in vainglorious delusion and silly human pride, viz., ‘damned fools’ with their heads up their undisciplined butts who don’t even know what primitive means — this too shall pass.

But one can’t reason with these fools who refuse to learn from their mistakes, for the vile, self-righteous spawn of Satan, who “know not what they do,” nor right from wrong, shamelessly believe, in vain, that they’re righteously infallible. But Love shall conquer all one day! Until then we’ll have to contend with these idiots; so just heckle them, for soon they’ll be put to shame, Kyrie Eleison.

Mark Zembower is a Sebring resident. Viewpoints are the opinion of the writer.

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