AVON PARK — The Avon Park Rotary held its “Freedom Flight” fundraising golf tournament last Saturday at the River Greens Golf Course in Avon Park.

Chet Brojek, Rotary Club member and organizer of the event explained that in the spring, depending on the COVID-19 situation, the Rotary will fly three to five veterans from previous wars to Washington D.C.

“We take on all of the cost” said Brojek. “We also send a Rotary guardian to accompany them (they do pay). We go to all the war memorials, Arlington, changing of the guard, truly it is one of the most emotional experiences I ever had in my life.”

“We got off the plane and the corridor was lined with people clapping for the veterans and other things, it is just a way for the Rotary to pay back to our veterans.”

Overall all winners in hotly contested Flight 1 in which only three shots separated six teams, the team of Zac Taylor, Cullen Lovett, Keegan White and Austin Armstrong prevailed with a score of 59.

Dennis Dunn, Travis Dunn, Doug Gentry and Gregory Gentry placed second with a 60.

The teams of Peter Brewer, Derek Christian, Chad Hays and Ryn Heine and John Barben, Bobbie Barden, John Whitehead and Keith Davis both posted a score of 61 with Brewer, Christian, Hays and Heine winning the tie breaker for third.

Gilbert Castillo, Hannah Castillo, Jordan Castillo and Jim Sherman winning the tie breaker for fifth place against Rodney Davis, Clay Davis, George Dumas and Glen Wotipka as both teams posted a score of 62.

Only one shot separated the top three teams of Flight 2 with the team of Toby Taylor, Shaun Breeden, Inan Ojeda and Anthony Gaines edging out the second and third place teams with a score of 60.

Teams of Bob Bourget, Cliff Steele, Mike Korn, and Noel Nicely won the tie breaker for second place over the team of Mike Kirsch, Isaac Durrance, Dr. Mike Lamp, Steve Swan. Both teams recorded a score of 61.

Flight 3 proved to be as competitive as Flights 1 and 2 as only one shot separated the top three teams and three shots difference between the top six.

Team Cecil Lemons, Jim Cercy, Gil Heier and Joe Torr took top honors with a score of score of 64.

Team Del Benzenhafer, Duane Butler, Sean Budnik, Dar Castillo and Team Dave Greenslade, Jim Brooks, Toni Brooks, Tom Morway finished second and third respectively as both teams shot a 65.

“We had 88 playing and perfect weather,” said Brojek. “I feel that we had a very good turnout. The course was in great shape, just wish we sunk a couple more puts.”