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Golf Hammock Ladies Scrub Jay Tournament Second Flight winner Jeanie Fivecoat, Tournament Medalist Beth Weiler, First Flight winner Monica Shores, Fourth Flight winner Mary Majerus and Third Flight winner Rosie Foote.

Beth Weiler is Medalist in Golf Hammock Scrub Jay Tournament

The Scrub Jay is a favorite tournament for the Golf Hammock ladies. And with a format like this, its no surprise. Because if you have a bad day, no worries. You get another chance next week. The two day format allows the player to record their best score on each hole over two days, resulting in one “final best” 18 hole score. This year Beth Weiler was the medalist, finishing even par for the tournament.

Additional winners included First Flight Monica Shores as leader, followed by Rosie Mays in second and Lorraine Northrup in third. Second Flight was led by Jeanie Fivecoat, with second and third place spots going to Shelba Fortier and Connie Snyder. Third Flight winner Rosie Foote was accompanied by Judy Trier in second and Glenda Conrad in third. And the Fourth Flight winner Mary Majerus was joined on her leaderboard by Donna Fisher in second and Carol Troup in third.

Interested in hearing more about Golf Hammock ladies golf? Just call the Golf Hammock Pro Shop at 863-382-2151. Leave your name and number and note your interest in ladies golf. One of the Golf Hammock lady golfers will get back to you promptly.

Lake June West Golf Results

Mon., Feb. 3 — Women’s League: 1st Place Team, 34, Kim Fiers, Jan Pastorelli, Kay Kalusniak; 2nd Place, 43, Annie Hall, Lynn Husen, Verna Knishka, Lynn Mahuta; 3rd Place, 46, Donna Palmatier, Donna Whitley, Viclie Mechling.

Closest to Pin, hole No. 8, Vickie Mechling, 9’ 3”.

Wed., Feb. 5 — Men’s League: 1st Place Team, 37, Tony Notaro, Gene Ray, Kirtes Calvery, Richard Drake, Jack Clegg; 2nd Place, 40, Larry Heath, John Sonafrank, Hank Husen, Al Welch, Bob Diece; 3rd Place, 40, Pete Otway, Bill Connolly, Sonny Shelton, Bill Fowler. Closest to Pin, hole No. 2, Kirtes Calvery, 1’ 4”, No. 4, Harold Johansson, No. 8, Mike Altman, 5’ 2”.

Thur., Feb. 6 — Mixed Scramble: 1st Place Team, 50, Tony Notaro, Patti Denooy, Bob & Vedna Knishka; 2nd Place, Larry & Chris Heath, Sandy Page, Mary McNamee, 3rd Place, Ron & Carol Cobert, Lynn Husen, Lynn Mahuta, Dave Fiss. Closest to Pin, No. 2, Lynn Husen, 2’ 3”, No. 8, Mary McNamee, 12’ 5”.

Sun ‘n Lake MGA January Member/Member Results

Flight 1 — First gross: Peter Delongchamp and Cullen Lovett with 137. First Net: Mark Boivin and Wade Henderson with 135. Second Net: Paul Sippl and James Curtis with 136. Third Net: Herb Cowen and Neil Sawatzky with 137. Fourth Net Match Card (MC): Bruce Peterson and John Peterson with 138.

Flight 2 — First Gross (MC): Denny Vogel and John Brown with 147. First Net: Greg Long and Terry Bogart with 135. Second Net: George Beres and Curtis McCullough with 137. Third Net: Andrew Piechuch and Brian Hannon with 139. Fourth Net: Stan Doyle and Gordon Gwynne with 140.

Flight 3 — First Gross: Mike Bloss and Rex Smolek with 141. First Net: James Barnhart and Omer DeJesus with 138. Second Net: Don Blemker and Randall Lynch with 139. Third Net: Paul McAllister and Mark Caramanna with 141. Fourth Net: Charles Stebler and Alan Warner with 142.

Flight 4 — First Gross: Jim Chiado and Larry Debriyn with 157. First Net: Tod Phillips and Kevin Hellenbrand with 135. Second Net: John Beatrice and Bob Felicetti with 138. Third Net: Brain Royle and Bill Baker 139. Fourth Net: Jim Jonas and Pete Salm with 140.

Flight 5 — First Gross: Larry Hudson and Doyle Harris with 155. First Net: Owen Zwicker and Dick Gioiosa with 131. Second Net: George Banich and Rob Thomas with 138. Third Net (MC): Louis Sumbry and Bennie Edwards with 140. Fourth Net: Dean Sykes and Frank Schwartz (140).

Flight 6 — First Gross: Russel Wilkins and Cliff Klein with 154. First Net: George Trainor and Russ Rudd with 133. Second Net: Len Roberts and Wally Murner with 135. Third Net: Dale Sorenson and William Parrett with 138. Fourth Net: Roger Jones and Jim Boismier with 139.

Flight 7 — First Gross: Howard Umphress and Al Wall with 167. First Net: David Lindstrom and Lary Gaver with 139. Second Net: Craig Herrick and Jerry Wannamaker with 141. Third Net: Jim VanHorn and Robert Sampson with 142. Fourth Net: Karl Reich and Ed Strohl with 143.

Closest to the Pin:

Day 1:

Turtle Run

Hole No. 2 — Dean Sykes, 3 Feet.

No. 15 — Paul McAllister, 5 feet 1 inch.

Deer Run

No. 2 — Sam Marteney with 15 feet 5 inches.

No. 13 — George Westjohn with 12 feet 4 inches.

Day 2:

Turtle Run

No. 2 — Ed Strohl with 26 feet 1 inch.

No. 15 — Jerry Wannamaker with 14 feet 7 inches.

Deer Run

No. 2 — Mark Boivin with 5 feet 10 inches.

No. 13 — Len Roberts with 2 feet.

The 2nd Annual Tanglewood versus Sun ‘n Lake MGA Golf Tournament

Last year Karl Reich (MGA) proposed a local tournament with Sun ‘N Lake and Tanglewood. It was a 2 man match play pro-am with best ball net. 42 golfers participated in this year’s event. Last year’s match play was tied and this year Tanglewood won 10-9. Tanglewood took home the trophy for the year.

“The idea to bring golfers together, playing for a trophy and meeting new friends and camaraderie over lunch is what golfing is all about,” said Bill Norcross, MGA.