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New member, Pat Reid, made a hole-in-one during her first day with the Golf Hammock Ladies Golf Association.

Golf Hammock Ladies

Member Pat Reid has a Hole-in-One!

Pat Reid just joined the Golf Hammock Ladies Golf Association and she thought she was making her first appearance with the group to enjoy some friendly competition while relaxing with friends on a beautiful Florida winter day. Little did she know that her stellar shot on hole three would turn into a hole-in-one. Yes, Pat came to play, ladies. Enjoying her second hole-in-one of her lifetime, everyone enjoyed celebrating with Pat afterward in the Golf Hammock Bar and Grill.

Other results for the Golf Hammock ladies group included First Flight winner for today’s “Drop 3” game Monica Shores. Lorraine Northrup placed second in the First Flight and Sue Pratt filled the third place spot. The Second Flight winner was Carolyn Riffle, with Lorraine Friend in second and Beverly Judd in third. Rounding out the leader board for the Golf Hammock Ladies were the Third Flight winners with headliner Carol Troup in first, Carol Gobble in second and Cynthia Dall in third.

Interesting in hearing more about golfing with the ladies at Golf Hammock? Just call the Golf Hammock Pro Shop at 863-382-2151 and mention your interest, leaving your name and number. One of the GH ladies golf members will call you back promptly.

Lake June West Golf Results

Thur., Dec. 26 — Mixed Scramble: 1st Place Team, 51, Doyan Eades, Norm Grubbs, Mark Reel, Daman Reel; 2nd Place, 58, Chris Heath, Panda Burton, Sandy Page, Barb Sydenstricker; 3rd Place, 61, Don & Carol Cobert, Mary McNamee, Lynn Husen. Closest to Pin, hole No. 2, Lynn Husen, 2’ 4”9”.

Mon., Dec. 30 — Ladies League, 1st Place Team 39, Verna Knishka, Elaine Orr, Sandy Page, Vickie;] 2nd Place, 39, Donna Palmatier, JoAnne McGill, Panda Burton, Betty Bevard; 3rd Place, 44, Lynn Husden, Debbie Craig, Lynn Mahuta, Chris Heath. Closest to Pin, hole No. 2, Lynn Mahuta, 10’ 1”, No. 8, JoAnne McGill, 10’ 9”.

Wed. Jan. 1 — Men’s League: 1st Place Team, 39, Doyan Eades, Tim Coalmer, Bob Diece, Jack Lorenz, Dennis Mathew; 2nd Place, 40, Pete Otway, George Hay, Kirtis Calvery, Al Welch, 3rd Place, 40, Larrystricker; Heath, Norm Grubbs, Hank Husen, Bob Knishka, Jack Clegg. Closest to Pin, hole No. 2, Dennis Mathew, 8’ 5”, No. 8, Bob Diece, 4’ 6”.

Thur., Jan. 2 — Mixed Scramble: 1st Place Team, 53, Bob & Elaine Orr, Patti Denooy, Lynn Mahuta, Sandy Page; 2nd Place, 53, Mike Rogers, Mary McNamee, Ke & Jaice Gruf, Betty Bevard, Barb Sydenstricker; 3rd Place, 56, Tony Notaro, JoAnne McGill, Margaret Schultz, Bob & Verna Knishka; 4th Place, 58, Ron & Carol Cobert, Larry & Chris Heath, Panda Burton. Closest to Pin, hole No. 2, Tony Notaro, 63’ 0”, No. 8, Sandy Paga, 17’ 9”.