The Freshwater Fishing Forecast for the fourth week of November gives anglers the first quarter moon phase, which started yesterday, while at its weakest, least influential days of its twenty-eight day orbit—moon arrived at the furthest point away from the solar energy path to earth four days ago and is currently orbiting away from earth to the point of apogee this Thursday.

Therefore the moon will produce little if any, ‘fish-adjustment activity’, which means feeding activity will be more random and not concentrated in numbers of feeders nor time of feeding. That is…unless a weather factor supplies what the moon does not.

Such is the case this week starting Monday night and all day Tuesday. To set the stage for this weather-driven feeding-migration event, currently an atmospheric-pressure dive from 30.24 In Hg yesterday to 30 In Hg by midday today will force fish down and deeper but only for twenty-four hours.

Starting during Monday’s moonset period, pressure will rise sharply all through the night and through the day on Tuesday arriving back in the 30.20 In Hg range by midday Tuesday. Fish will therefore be forced back up into the shallow shoreline feeding areas and into the ideal-feeding water-temperature zone of the water column. I expect and predict a feed rating in the 6-7 range during the upward barometric pressure period.

The weather forecast is a typical one for the fall season in central Florida; ideal temperatures or air and water for fish to feed at will. However medium to high wind speeds will be the norm most days. And as a result the best fishing achievements will occur during challenging wind days. Such will be the case this week on Tuesday.

Wednesday through the second half of the week an ideal fishing wind of six to ten mph from the east will prevail as the full moon phase week begins Friday—a weak full moon occurs a week from Monday.

Water temperatures could not be better for fish to ‘feed-at-will’. Right now fish are in one of the two best annual periods of the year where they put on their yearly weight gain—April through early June is the other prime period. Therefore the ‘advertised feed rating’ in fishing solunar forecast graphs and charts do ‘not’ represent Florida but instead the national average. Here in central Florida we add two points right now because our freshwater fish are in a seasonal feeding frenzy.

Note: Just because all fish species are feeding at their highest annual rates does ‘not’ mean you’ll catch them. Unless….you know how to match the exact pattern, size, and type of food source Florida’s freshwater fish are consuming right now. Anything you do which is foreign to ‘their norm’ means you come up with….nothing. However….they do make more mistakes when they are pigging-out on their favorite food types.

Bass are targeting crawdad type baits right now. Jigs with large red trailers are hot. If it crawls from plant root-base to plant root-base, big bass are striking it. Remember it’s a ‘fish-eat-fish’ world down there….right now, and if they’re not taking cover, they’re literally fish food. Hide and Ambush, is what keeps them alive to feed another day right now. Nothing is swimming out in the open but huge bass and…village idiots.

Best Fishing Days: Tuesday morning atmospheric pressure will be in the process of climbing 0.15 In Hg. Fishing during the underfoot moon which occurs right after sunrise and again during solar noon and moonrise will be very productive. A medium to strong northeastern wind however will produce some whitecaps.

A weak full moon occurs on the last day of the month which means next weekend fishing will be better than average. If the extended weather forecast turns-out to be accurate, next Sunday should be exceptionally good fishing—day before a high pressure cold front is always good.

The Major Fishing Period: Today the moon is underfoot at 6:50 a.m. and the sunrise at 6:52 a.m. producing a feed rating of 4 from 6-9 a.m. The barometric pressure is in the process of dropping enough to cause fish to adjust downward and out away from shorelines. So you’ll most likely find them on the outside of deeper shoreline vegetation. Daily this period moves later by 45 minutes and remains at the same rating.

The Minor Fishing Period: Today the moonrise occurs at 1:31 p.m. and solar noon at 12:12 p.m. producing a feed rating of 3 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Daily this period moves later by 30 minutes and remains at the same rating. Note: pressure is dropping and fish are adjusting downward and out into open water structures.

Prime Monthly Periods: November 27- December 2 full moon, 11-16 new moon, 27-News Years Day full moon.

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The S68 Spillway Status: (Yesterday morning 4 a.m.) Three gates are closed. Currently the lake is one inch or so below the maximum level of 39.50’.

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