Lake Placid Senior Softball League week 10 saw Lake Placid Marine jump back in the win column with a 23-19 triumph over struggling Conley Insurance. Ted Griffith went 5-for-5 for the Waterboys while team manager Elston Hedges went deep for two homeruns and two triples. Also with four hits were Ken Elston, Kelly McMillen (double) and Ron Melia. The active bats of the Insurancemen had Brian Heaphy going 5-for-5, Mark Milia collecting four hits and a three hit club of Tom Trapman, Tom McNally (double), and Mark Roth (double).

In a battle between the two teams tied for second place Miller’s Central Air held off Lakeside Dermatology 16–15. The Coolers were looking strong when the Skins came up in the top of the eighth, but eight runs later the score was tied and the Airmen had to win it with a walk-off run in their half of the final inning. Miller’s was paced by Frank Menendez (double) and Cliff Bluml (triple) each with four hits. While Marty McKee and Bill Gallagher both pitched in with three apiece. Jeff Lindskoog led Lakeside with four hits. Larry Laux was hard to stop logging two doubles and a homerun, and Steve Frye had a double to go with his two singles. Denny Mathew added a four-bagger and Paul Marcellus chipped in with a double and a triple in the effort.

In game three of Monday’s play Central Security’s bats came alive in a 19-6 victory over Seminole Tire. The Securitymen got four hits from Paul Brand, Francisco Hernandez, and Dana Hurlbut. Their three hit club consisted of Chet Johnson (triple), Jack Smith (double), Richard Rivera-Ortiz, Harold Baucom and Garry Snyder. The ‘Noles couldn’t seem to get their hits together but did have a three hit club of Dave Londo (double), Dave LeHue and Gary Tankersley.

On Wednesday Conley Insurance broke out of a slump in a 15–14 come from behind win over Lakeside Dermatology. After being down 13–3 after six innings the Insurancemen came out swinging and scored eight runs in the 7th and four more in the 8th to come out on top. They got three hits each from Brian Heaphy, Mark Milia, Ken Kirk (double) and John Kloet (triple). Lakeside batters also hit well but came up a run short. For the Skins Jeff Lindskoog and Ron Hanisch both went 4-for-5. Their three hit club was Paul Marcellus (two doubles), Mo Pier (double), Steve Frye and Larry Laux.

On the neighboring field, Seminole Tire got their bats working again but Lake Placid Marine wouldn’t give in and prevailed 19–17. For the Mariners Jim Nicolet showed that pitchers can hit with two singles, a double and a triple. Dick Cook added four more hits for the Waterboys. For the ‘Noles Dan Rasmussen had four hits, while Chuck Loeser, Dave Londo, Tom Waters, Dave LeHue and Gary Vizioli had three apiece.

In Wednesday’s final match-up, Miller’s Central Air held off Central Security 20–15 for Miller’s 8th straight win. For the Airmen Richard Rucker knocked out five hits (two doubles), Bill Gallagher (HR), Cliff Bluml (double) and Bob Fox each added four more. The three hit club was Norm Grubbs (double), Marty McKee and Rudy Pribble. Richard Rivera-Ortiz paced the Securitymen with five hits. Jim Radcliff (HR, double) and Francisco Hernandez (triple, two doubles) each added four. Chuck Totten (HR), Dana Hurlbut and Chet Johnson made up their three hit club.

With two weeks left on the schedule Lake Placid Marine has shown they’re the team to beat holding tenaciously to that first place spot for the last four weeks. For more information, standings and photos visit our website at