The 26th Annual Sertoma Junior Golf Tour begins this week with the first stop at Harder Hall Golf Course. Sertoma Junior Golf Tour is a 10-week event for ages 6 to 18.

Every Thursday the golfers play at a different course throughout Highlands County. There are a select few weeks with two-day events. The tenth and final event is the Tour Championship which is a two-day event and an elegant banquet will follow.

“We are excited to get underway, we are excited that golf has been able to continue through all of this coronavirus stuff and we are excited to get the kids out there to do the same,” said Andy Kesling. “Over the last couple of months kids have been cooped up at home so we are looking forward to getting them outside and on the golf course.”

Registration for the season is $30 per child. If you play 18 holes it is $15 and if you play nine or six holes it is $10 per week.

The Sertoma Junior Golf Tour has made a few slight adjustments to adhere to the new guidelines.

“We are going to basically keep it real simple,” said Kesling. “We want to have the kids play, do some scoring and then send them home. Typically, in the past we would provide lunch for the kids but with everything going on we are going to forgo the lunches and do our best to social distance to keep everybody safe.”

“It is business as usual but with a few slight changes so we can conform to the guidelines,” Kesling said. “We are still going to allow spectators. It is outside so it is real easy to keep your social distancing. Not a whole lot has changed. We are going to keep the kids from touching the flag sticks so they will stay in at every hole. We will not be exchanging scorecards and things like that to prevent the spreading of germs.”

The banquet will follow the Tour Championship at Sun ‘N Lake Golf Club. The award ceremony will take place at Island View.

“As of right now we are still planning on having the end of tour banquet but that is subject to change depending on how things go with the virus,” Kesling added. “I am hopeful that we are continuing to work on the downward side of the curve and that things will continue to open up and that we will be able to do a little bit more.”

If any kids ages 6 to 18 would like to join the Sertoma Junior Golf Tour can contact Andy Kesling at The deadline for sign-up is Monday at noon. The tour kicks on Thursday at Harder Hall Golf Course at 8 a.m.