St. Catherine Catholic Church in Sebring will be starting a “Rainbows for All God’s Children” chapter that will begin March 22. The organization is an international, non-profit organization that fosters emotional healing among children grieving a loss from a life-altering crisis such as death or divorce.

If you have a child, or children, who are suffering from the silent pains and sorrow of grief, please contact us today to register your child for Sunday, March 22 in the Parish Hall. Groups will meet from 1:30–2:30 p.m. in Room 14 every other Sunday through September.

We want to get this information out to caretakers of children as we continue to strive to help families within our community to cope spiritually and emotionally with loss.

The strategic principals of Rainbows include:

  • To educate and build public awareness about the growing number of children suffering significant loss issues in their lives.
  • Believes that grieving children deserve supporting, loving listeners as they struggle with their feelings and emotions.
  • Provides accredited training for all volunteers to prepare them for the commitment of assisting bereaved children.
  • Supports their volunteers and accredited sites to sustain quality delivery of services to children through their worldwide network of registered Directors.
  • Provides high quality programs offered at no cost to the children.
  • Is available to children of all races and religions.
  • Serves as an advocate for children who face life altering crises.

There are 9,000 Rainbow programs worldwide and a network of 42,000 trained and certified facilitators through the United States. All facilitators are trained by the Rainbow program and all are fingerprinted and have taken a safe environment program to protect the children.

The program will start with children between the ages of 5-10, and there are only five to six children in the class. Parents can stay on the grounds, but not in the class. We deal with children who are acting out because they are troubled and upset. We try to help them deal with life and school.

When death, divorce, or significant loss happens to adults, most have a lifetime of experience and communication skills and the ability to seek help in order to gain perspective and begin healing. But that is not true for children who suffer the same losses, many of whom do not have the developmental skills needed to cope.

Those losses cause grief in our children’s lives, but because they lack the appropriate skills, people tend to ignore them and therefore they become the forgotten grievers who suffer in silence, pain, and confusion.

For more information, please contact the group coordinator of the Rainbows For All God’s Children Ministry, JoMarie Grinkiewicz at

JoMarie Grinkiewicz is coordinator of Rainbows for All God’s Children, a children’s grief support group, and GriefShare, an adult grief support group at St. Catherine Catholic Church. For more information or to register for either group email JoMarie at