Representative Steube, you, along with the 126 other cowards who have not supported the peaceful transfer of power in the most recent presidential election, should be ashamed of yourselves. You and each of them should resign from office.

You said in your newsletter that (Josh) Hawley and (Ted) Cruz are brave. They are not. They are self serving, like yourself, and should also resign.

You and each of them took an oath to support the Constitution. You, and each of them, have the blood of that Capitol police officer – Officer Brian Sicknick – on your hands. Each of you have continued to lie to the American people – knowing that the clueless, uninformed, gullible supporters would believe you because you continued to repeat the lies. Shame on you! Sixty lawsuits with no evidence of fraud or cheating. Insurrectionists breaching the Capitol and still you refused to stand up and show leadership. Shame on you!

Because you are not willing to do your job and protect the United States of America from domestic terrorists, please submit your resignation. Highlands County deserves a Representative who will provide protection and leadership for our country and you are not him.

Ann Brooks