A recent article written in the Highlands-News Sun states that Trump is not the pro-life president since 150,000 lives were lost due to him not mandating everyone to wear a mask. So, let me understand this statement and break it down.

If Trump knew at the get-go about the virus, which he couldn't since China kept it secret, he could have saved every life if he mandated mask wearing, not one life lost. Two, the writer stated that Trump, should have listened to medical professionals and scientists about wearing masks. My question here, which medical professionals and scientists? The ones that the liberal media broadcast or the ones that they do notm which say otherwise.

If the writer was knowledgeable, she or he would know through research that no mask works other than the N-95 masks that only healthcare workers have. Not scarfs, nor China made ones.

Now, let's talk about the Democrats and real scientists. 99% of all real scientists say that life starts at conception. God says he knew everyone before you were in your mother's womb. The virus killed 170,000 in this country as of this writing, but 69 million unborn children have died.

Bruce Tooker