In a submission recently by a local church representative, reference was made to ‘substitute marriage,’ which targeted same sex marriage and relationships where two people live together out of wedlock.

Since the right wing is all about the so-called ‘sanctity of marriage,’ I would point out that a former messiah of the right wing, one Ronald Reagan, divorced his first wife, Jane Wyman, to marry Nancy Davis. More recently, Donald Trump divorced his first wife, Ivanna, to marry model Marla Maples with whom he was having an affair. Later, he divorced Marla Maples so he could marry Melania whom he met at a so-called ‘gentlemen’s club’ in New York and with whom he was having an affair. During this relationship, there has been at least one other illicit relationship and possibly more.

Mr. Trump thinks himself a ‘star’ and a ‘magnet to women’ and feels entitled to take liberties with them I can’t mention here. But that’s just locker room talk. There must be something to substitute marriage if you can switch out one wife for another. Just sayin’.

Horace Markley