It will be election time shortly regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic. Local elections will be for commissioners and clerk of the court, but at the same time state offices will also be contested, one of those offices will be for the 59 district representative in the state government.

My purpose here is to highly recommend and support a friend and solid citizen, longtime resident and businessman in Sebring, Ned Hancock. Ned is a well-respected businessman in local companies and in the agriculture field in Highlands County and is a strong supporter of his church.

What with the problems of the coronavirus, which does allow meet and greets, or gatherings to help in the election process, the best any of us can do is offer to help with word of mouth with texts and phone calls to spread the word to support Ned in his endeavor to be elected to the state government.

He has worked hard for the people of Highlands County over the years, so let's vote to send him to Tallahassee to represent the 59th District. Put that X next to Hancock come Election Day. P.S. You might also put a sign in your front yard.

Hal Graves